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Scientific Name: Argania spinosa

The argan tree or the rare argan tree is found in southern Morocco, and it may be found in some countries, including Algeria and the Negev desert in the State of Palestine.

The argan tree is very rare, as it is characterized by its oil, which is one of the rarest oils around the world.

Butter can be made from argan seeds by grinding it with a grinding machine in order to benefit from it for cosmetic purposes, by using it as a face mask and as a hair mask.


how to make Argan oil from the seeds:


– place white grains (Tiznin) in the oven or heated until their color turns from white to golden.

It shouldn’t be toasted too much or too little, or it will lose its benefits and taste bitter or burnt.

—- You can skip this part if you want to make cosmetic oil —-

– Tiznin pills are taken after sifting and placed in the mill, which is a traditional grinding tool, Or you can use a grinding machine that grinds slowly so that the mixture does not get hot.

After grinding, the grains turn into a brown liquid with a very heavy density, like honey.

-After the liquid has rested, add water to it until the mixture holds together.

You might say that the mixture is a liquid, how does it hold together with water? But this is how argan oil is extracted.

When we add water to the mixture and start mixing and kneading it, the mixture will stick and the oil will be extracted. And the process of mixing and kneading requires about half an hour.

Women who do this work know how much water to add and when to knead the dough, there are no exact indications for this, it’s a traditional method.

Keep adding water until the mixture is thick.


– Make large balls of dough and start squeezing them until you extract the remaining oil from them.
This paste from which argan oil is extracted is called  Zakmona.

Then filter the oil from the sediment and fill it into glass bottles.


Argan oil benefits:


Improving the digestive system
Studies have confirmed that argan oil is rich in dietary fibers that help the digestion process, and thus maintain the health of the digestive system, where you can add drops of argan oil on your dishes, and enjoy the wonderful taste and comfort after eating.

Treating obesity problems
Eating argan oil reduces the effects and complications of obesity, as it works to reduce the proportion of fat in the body and thus get rid of it in the case of eating it on a regular basis, where studies have confirmed that the proportion of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, insulin, and harmful cholesterol levels, are lower when eating argan oil.

Maintaining blood sugar levels
Since argan oil is rich in fiber, using it orally helps reduce blood sugar, because the fibers in the oil make the digestion process slow, and thus the sugar does not flow quickly in the bloodstream, so the digestive system works at a slow and comfortable pace and gives the body the opportunity to absorb sugar correctly. and sound
Add a spoonful of argan oil to your vegetable soup and let your body relax with the effect of argan oil

Maintain a healthy heart
Studies have confirmed that argan oil has a magic effect in maintaining the health of the heart and protecting it from strokes and sudden attacks, and therefore all those who take argan oil on a daily basis reduce themselves the risk of serious heart disease, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, sudden heart attacks, and dangerous strokes.

The pillars of the enemy of cancer
The high levels of antioxidants present in argan oil protect the skin from free radicals, which protects it from skin cancer, and studies have also confirmed that argan has great power in healing colon, bladder, and prostate cancer and that it protects against infections that may result in a kind of types of cancer, slows the growth and reproduction of cancer cells

Reduce cholesterol
Studies were conducted on patients with cholesterol who regularly took argan oil, and the result was a moderation of the level of fats in the blood, and thus reducing the symptoms of cholesterol disease, which is a chronic disease.

Argan oil for sexual health
Taking argan oil orally, and using it in daily eating habits improves sexual ability in men and women, as argan oil is rich in properties that help enhance sexual health and sexual ability in couples, it helps to strengthen sexual desire and excitement significantly, due to It contains many fatty acids such as linoleic acid. Stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid, in addition to containing a large group of vitamins that help increase sex hormones such as progesterone and the female hormone estrogen.


Weights Table

4 oz = 113 gram
8 oz = 226 gram
1 lb = 453 gram
2 lb = 907 gram
4 lb = 1814 gram


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