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Rock Salt – Halite Rock


GTIN: B10168

Benefits of rock salt
Rock salt contains 84 out of 92 elements required by the body, including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and copper, so it has health benefits for the body, skin and hair, and we will mention the most important benefits of rock salt in this article.

There are many benefits of rock salt, and the most important benefits of rock salt are the following:

1. The health benefits of rock salt
There are many health benefits from eating rock salt, including:

  • Helps in the digestion process: through its role in reducing digestive disorders, such as: heartburn, getting rid of gases in it, and improving appetite.
  • Facilitates cellular absorption of minerals: it also improves blood circulation, and maintains pH balance by stimulating blood circulation.
  • Stabilizes blood pressure: by maintaining its balance, whether it is high or low.
  • Helps lose weight: by preventing the desire to eat, and eliminating dead fat cells.
  • Treats intestinal worms: Rock salt can be consumed with lemon juice, as this helps to eliminate worms in the stomach and control vomiting, and also provides protection against influenza.
  • Strengthens the respiratory system: It benefits people who suffer from respiratory and sinus problems, as gargling with rock salt water helps relieve throat pain, throat swelling, dry cough, and tonsils.
  • Benefits the mouth: Rock salt can be used as a tooth whitener or mouth freshener, and gargling with rock salt provides relief against sore throats.
  • Treats muscle spasms: One of the most important benefits of rock salt is that it overcomes muscle spasms, as a spoonful of rock salt can be mixed in water and a sip to reduce pain within a few minutes.

2. Benefits of rock salt for the skin
There are many benefits to the skin from eating rock salt, including:

  • Rock salt is used as a home remedy for skin disorders caused by herpes and for inflammation and irritation from insect bites.
  • It can be used as a body bath to protect it from water retention and remove stress and toxins in the skin.
  • Rock salt works to exfoliate dead skin cells, which leads to the appearance of young and glowing skin if dead skin cells accumulate.
  • Rubbing your skin with rock salt makes it strong and clean, and it rejuvenates your skin’s texture to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Rock salt has excellent cleansing properties, as it cleanses the skin and prevents breakouts, making your skin breathe easily.
  • Rock salt removes the yolk under your nails, making them look bright and beautiful.

3. Benefits of rock salt for hair
There are many benefits to hair from eating rock salt, including:

  • Rock salt has excellent cleaning properties that remove dead skin cells and dirt from your hair without stripping its natural healthy oil.
  • Rock salt contributes to removing the residue from your hair, all you have to do is mix the salt into the shampoo, wash your hair with this mixture and rinse it with cold water.
  • This will increase the volume of your hair if you add rock salt and apply it to your hair, and wash it after 20-30 minutes.

Rock salt side effects
Despite the many benefits of rock salt, there are some side effects that may be associated with it, including:

  • Iodine deficiency.
  • In some cases, high blood pressure.
  • High levels of chlorine in the blood.
  • muscle weakness.



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