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Rhassoul – Saponiferous Clay


GTIN: B10059

Rhassoul, care and fortifying for the hair

Also called “washing earth”, Rhassoul is a Saponiferous clay used for centuries to clean skin and hair. The traditional product of the hammam, Rhassoul is a 100% natural powder that absorbs sebum and strengthens the hair fiber.
Rhassoul is also used for personal hygiene, like soap.

As for shampoo or soap: mix the Rhassoul with water or floral water to obtain a thick paste. Rhassoul can also be used as a dry shampoo.

As an ingredient of house cosmetics: to be incorporated into a dry or liquid mixture.


  • Tighten, soothe, even tone, and improve moisture!
  • Leaves your skin silky smooth.
  • Perfect for making your own soaps, shampoos, facial/hair/body masks and skin conditioners.
  • Removes impurities without stripping natural oils from your skin.

Rhassoul is a high-quality, soothing clay.

It’s often used in spas for skin and hair for its silk-like feel and its unique ability to nourish skin, reduce breakouts and blackheads, increase skin elasticity, even skin tone, and improve skin moisture.

Rhassoul clay powder can be used as a facial cleanser, mask, scrub, hair mask, and full-body mask! Simply mix with water, your preferred hydrosol, or even milk to form a silky paste. Add your own additives and create a customized spa treatment at home!

Rhassoul has a higher silica and magnesium content than other clays, making it especially good for the skin.

With its high negative charge, Rhassoul’s drawing action makes it an ideal all-purpose natural cleanser that won’t strip skin of beneficial oils.

Also called Ghassoul Clay, Red Clay, and Red Moroccan Clay, Rhassoul clay is sourced specifically from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

It is formed by a natural combination of volcanic activity and geothermal changes.

Rhassoul Clay is for external use and, when kept dry, stores indefinitely!

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