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Kohl is the most important cosmetic that women have been accustomed to using since ancient times, and they are right.

It was made by grinding lead sulfide and other ingredients.. Today it is made without toxic ingredients.
There are several types of homemade kohl, but the best of them remains Moroccan kohl, according to international cosmetic experts and Moroccan beauty expert Laila Habibi, and its composition is as follows:
First: Put the Antimony (a fragile, quick-crunching stone with a silvery-white laminate structure that is sold with herbs) and add to it the olive kernel, date kernel, a clove, and black pepper, with a few drops of olive oil, then stir all the ingredients on a low heat for a short period after which they have crushed The elements, then the powder is taken and sieved by a white cloth to get a very fine powder.
The latter is placed in kohl, which is airtight and can be kept for a period of 4 to 5 months.

Because after that it cools down and its effectiveness decreases, but despite that, it does not pose a threat to the health of the eyes.
As for the commercial kohl in the market, it has harmful effects on the eyes. It is made from some of the impurities in kohl, which are charcoal, which is added to get a darker color, and silver nitrate, which gives the kohl glow, but if more than 2% of it is used, causes Problems such as irritation, burning and redness of the eyes, and other ingredients used are lead, which causes conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers.

The advantages of Moroccan kohl: The composition of the antimony in kohl is proven in the past, as its use dates back hundreds of years ago.
And modern science has come to confirm the benefits of using it. which is next:

Its bactericidal effect: its ability to kill multiple bacteria groups has been proven, as well as its ability to kill some parasites. well.
Eyelashes germination: there are medicinal properties in antimony that affect the skin and dermis, so it alerts and activates the hair bulb, which is a factor in its growth and stability.
If you feel burning in your eyes, from pollution or from any other reason, put a little eyeliner at night before bed, and your eyes will tear and wash away all the impurities in them, and you will feel much better.
It is said that kohl strengthens eyesight as well. And when you put the eyeliner, the latter rubs the lower side of the eyeball, which leads to improving blood circulation, and thus improving eyesight.
It is long-lasting, contains no impurities, is undiluted, and is herbal.
The color you get is dark black but fades after hours.

Net w: 14 gram = 0.5 oz

The wooden container is handmade and will come in random different shapes and colors


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