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Royal Jelly Capsules 500mg – 40 caps – 500mg per capsule


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Royal jelly is a natural food with a unique composition that honey bees prepare to feed the queen and her young, so what are its true benefits? Is it really a superfood?
Royal food has a range of potential benefits, which made it one of the popular folk recipes for treating and fighting many health problems.

Royal food benefits

1. Regulating blood sugar levels
Royal jelly may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

A preliminary study published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes found that giving a group of people with type 2 diabetes regular doses of royal jelly over an 8-week period resulted in significantly lower blood sugar levels.

But at the same time, other studies showed that royal jelly had no significant effect on blood sugar levels.

Therefore, the benefits of royal jelly in this area have not yet been confirmed, but are still under research and study.

2. Reducing symptoms associated with menopause
Royal jelly may help relieve symptoms that appear in a large number of women with the onset of menopause and menopause, especially when taken in the form of several small doses distributed over the day and regularly for several weeks or months.

3. Improve cardiovascular health
Several preliminary studies have shown that royal jelly has a positive effect on the circulatory system, as taking certain doses of royal jelly daily may help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body, which naturally leads to lowering the chances of many cardiovascular diseases.

4. Dry eye treatment
Eating royal jelly regularly may help treat dry eyes, including chronic conditions, as preliminary studies have found that royal jelly may play a role in stimulating the lacrimal glands to produce tears.

But it should be noted here that the available scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of royal jelly in treating dry eyes is preliminary evidence that still needs further research and study.

5. Other Royal Jelly Benefits
Although scientific research has not yet proven it, royal jelly may have several other potential benefits, such as:

Improving fertility in couples with reproductive problems.
Memory enhancement.
relieve depression.
Fighting signs of skin aging and stimulating collagen production.
Strengthening the immune system.
Anemia treatment.
Reducing some of the symptoms and side complications that may accompany chemotherapy.
Accelerate wound healing.
Relief of premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

The nutritional value of royal jelly
Royal jelly is one of the honey bee products that are distinguished by its high nutritional value. Royal jelly consists of the following:

Water 60 – 70%
Fat 3 – 6%
Proteins 12 – 15%
Vitamins, salts and amino acids 2 – 3%
Carbs 15%
Sugars 10 – 16%
Royal jelly also contains a good percentage of vitamins, especially vitamins of group B, such as: biotin, thiamine, and niacin.

The potential benefits of royal jelly stem from its unique combination of fatty acids and proteins, but it should be noted that the nutritional value and benefits of royal jelly may vary somewhat depending on its source.

Disadvantages and warnings about royal food
Although many studies have shown promising results regarding the benefits of royal jelly for health, there are some caveats that you should be aware of before starting to eat royal jelly, the most important of which are:

Royal jelly can cause an allergic reaction in some, and in some cases the sensitivity may be severe and dangerous, and the person will develop a condition called anaphylactic shock, which is a medical emergency.
It is preferable not to take royal jelly with some types of medicines, especially blood thinners, as royal jelly may interact negatively with these medicines, causing a doubling of their effect and slowing down blood clotting processes, thus making a person prone to bleeding large amounts of blood when exposed to any minor accident.
It is preferable to stop eating royal jelly at least two weeks before undergoing surgery, for fear of dangerous bleeding during and after the operation.
It is preferable that the following groups avoid eating royal jelly completely:
Pregnant and lactating women.
People with asthma.


Bottle contains: 40 capsules of Royal Jelly powder, 500mg per capsule.



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