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Gum Tragacanth – Katira


GTIN: B10117

What is the medicine of Gum Tragacanth?

Gum Tragacanth a lot is considered one of the well-known medicines since antiquity, and it has been widely used throughout the ages in pharmaceutical sciences and industry. In many pharmaceutical preparations, it should be noted that Gum Tragacanth belongs to the genus Astragalus; This genus includes many species, but the most common and most commercially used is A. gummier Labill.

In fact, the most marketed type of Gum Tragacanth is what is known as Shami or Iranian gum, which is produced in Iran, and there is a type of Gum Tragacanth known as (Smyrna), which is characterized by its presence in the form of flakes, and it is wider, thicker and darker in color compared to Iranian gum, and it can be Find it in the mountainous interior of Asia Minor.

Tragacanth gum contains 20%-30% of water-soluble Tragacanth, while 60%-70% of it constitutes a water-insoluble substance called basorin. This combination enables this gum to partially dissolve in water and swell. To form a viscous colloid, such that the highest viscosity can be achieved only after twenty-four hours at room temperature or after 8 hours at elevated temperatures.

It should be noted that these solutions are considered stable; That is, it is not affected by the increase in temperature or the change in the pH of the medium.

In fact, Gum Tragacanth is characterized by its density, and this is what makes it stick to many drugs in the stomach and intestines if taken orally simultaneously with each other, and this in itself may cause a decrease in the amount of the drug absorbed by the body, and thus reduce its effectiveness, and to avoid this it is recommended to take preparations containing This gum at least an hour after taking oral medications.

It should be noted that a lot of gum is subject to bacterial contamination, and it has been reported that the preparations contaminated with enteric bacteria caused fetal deaths when injected into the peritoneum of pregnant mice.

What are the uses of Gum Tragacanth?
Gum Tragacanth is used as a soothing agent in preparations for the treatment of coughs, colds, and diarrhea. There have been some studies that revolve in principle on the effectiveness of this gum in controlling blood sugar levels, but there are no conclusive studies proving this until the present time.

What are the side effects of Gum Tragacanth?
In fact, Gum Tragacanth is considered safe when used orally, but it is recommended that it be taken with large amounts of water because it may cause intestinal obstruction in cases where not enough water is taken, and it is considered safe when used topically on the skin.

It should be noted that there is not enough information to support the safety of preparations containing this gum during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is recommended to avoid its use in these cases.

People who are allergic to Quillaia bark, which is a genus of roses, should avoid using a lot of gum as it may cause breathing problems.

What are the dosages of Gum Tragacanth and what methods of use?
The appropriate dose of Gum Tragacanth depends on several factors; Including the person’s age and general health, and there is insufficient information available to support determining the appropriate dose of this gum, it is worth noting the need to be careful when using natural preparations, they are not necessarily always safe and doses may be important, and in general it is recommended to follow the directions written on products and consult your pharmacist or doctor before using these products.


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Botanical Name

Astragalus Gummifer



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