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Flower of Maryam – Booti Anastatica Hierochuntica


GTIN: B10082

The plant have a lot of names in several language’s
Hebrew – שושנת יריחו האמיתית

Arabic: Keff Maryam (كف مريم), shajarat Maryam (شجرة مريم), shajarat el-talk, keff lala Maryam, keff lala Fatma, yid Fatma, keff el-adhra, bint Ennabi, el-kemcha, kerchoud

Berber: Tamkelt

English: Flower of Maryam, St. Mary’s flower, true rose of Jericho (not to be confused with false rose of Jericho, Selaginella lepidophylla), tumbling mustard.

French: Main de Fatma, rose de Jericho

Malay: Sanggul Fatimah, buah zuriat (“offspring fruit”)

Persian: Gole Maryum, پنجه مریم , Panjeh Maryam

Turkish: Fatima’nin eli, Meryem bitkisi

Urdu: Maryam booti, Maryam ka phool, Nabi booti

What is the use of a bitter flower?

It is estimated that the Flower of Maryam helps during childbirth – in the baby’s birth process. It is said that the leaves are also used to strengthen the uterus and are good for conception. The leaves of this herbal plant-available grow in the Mediterranean area of the Judean Desert near the city of Jericho in the Land of Palestine.

among its most popular medicinal uses is its application for childbirth. Whether its medicinal properties encourage dilation, or if it’s a powerful visualization tool for mothers, traditional midwives have used the Flower of Maryam with their laboring mothers for hundreds of years.

It also contains a number of elements useful for pregnancy and labor, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron; in particular, calcium and magnesium work together to coordinate and regulate smooth muscle contractions.

Medicinal preparation

It is reconstituted in water and taken internally for colds, as an emmenagogue, for epilepsy, uterine hemorrhage, and to bring pain relief and support for childbirth. In some places, it is burned as incense during labor, made into a powder mixed with olive oil and honey and applied to pregnant women.
In Malaysia, it is commonly used for childbirth

The flower contains a number of elements – calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron; in particular, calcium and magnesium work together to coordinate and regulate smooth muscle contractions. The soaked water can be drunk. The plant can be stored and re-used many times over.



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Botanical Name

Anastatica hierochuntica



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Whole Plant


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