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COMMON NAME Standardized: Opuntia: Common Prickly pear flowers, cactus flowers
BOTANICAL NAME Opuntia Family: Cactaceae
PARTS USED: Dried flowers,
TYPICAL USES: Cooking, tea making, crafts

Raw opuntia leaves are 88% water, 10% carbohydrates, and less than 1% of protein and fat

In Mexico, prickly pears are often used to make appetizers, soups, salads entrees, vegetable dishes, and bread for desserts, beverages, candy, jelly, or drinks. The young stem segments, usually called nopales, are also edible in most species of Opuntia. They are commonly used in Mexican cuisine in dishes such as huevos con nopales (eggs with nopal), or tacos de nopales. Nopales are also an important ingredient in New Mexican cuisine.

The prickly pear also grows widely on the islands of Malta, where it is enjoyed by the Maltese as a typical summer fruit (known as Bajtar tax-xewk, literally ‘spiny figs’), as well as being used to make the popular liqueur known as Bajtra. The prickly pear is so commonly found in the Maltese islands, it is often used as a dividing wall between many of Malta’s characteristic terraced fields in place of the usual rubble walls.

The prickly pear was introduced to Eritrea during the period of Italian colonization between 1890 and 1940. It is locally known there as Beles and is abundant during the late summer and early autumn (late July through September). The Beles from the holy monastery of Debre Bizen are said to be particularly sweet and juicy. In Libya, it is a popular summer fruit and called by the locals Hindi, which literally means Indian.

In Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other parts of the Middle East, prickly pears of the yellow and orange varieties are grown by the side of farms, beside railway tracks, and other otherwise non – cultivable land. It is sold in summer by street vendors and is considered a refreshing fruit for that season.

Phytochemicals and folk medicine
Close-up image of prickly pear fruit: Apart from the large spines, note the glochids (the fine prickles, or bristles) that readily dislodge and may cause skin and eye irritation.
Opuntia contains a range of phytochemicals in variable quantities, such as polyphenols, dietary minerals, and betalains. Identified compounds under basic research include gallic acid, vanillic acid, and catechins, as examples. The Sicilian prickly pear contains betalain, betanin, and Indicaxanthin, with the highest levels in their fruits.

In Mexican folk medicine, its pulp and juice are considered treatments for wounds and inflammation of the digestive and urinary tracts, although there is no high-quality evidence for any clinical benefit of using opuntia for these purposes.

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