2. Blue Indigo and Honey Mask
Also, one of the benefits of blue indigo and honey for the skin is that it helps lighten the face, remove dark spots and melasma from the skin, and help treat acne.

the ingredients:
– Half a cup of rose water.
– Three tablespoons of powdered blue indigo.
– Half a tablespoon of lemon juice.
– spoon of honey.

Catcher setup:
– Mix the blue indigo with rose water, honey and lemon juice well until the mask ingredients are homogeneous and the mixture becomes liquid in a creamy form.
– Apply the mixture on the face after it is thoroughly cleansed of impurities and dirt.
– Leave it on the face from ten to twenty minutes.
– Rinse the face well with cold or lukewarm water.
– Repeat this mask once a week or while the appearance of roughness in the skin or unwanted dryness.

3. Blue Indigo Whitening Mask
– Mix a tablespoon of blue indigo powder with a cup of milk.
– Add a teaspoon of starch.
– Half a cup of rose water and a little grated soap can be added to lighten the skin, and it is recommended that it be medical.
– Mix the ingredients well and then apply it to the dark areas of the body once or twice a week. It is recommended to continue this mask for a month until the lighter skin color is reached.

Blue indigo side effects
– Refrain from applying blue indigo to the face and skin of the pregnant woman, as it may affect the fetus negatively.
– Those with sensitive skin may suffer from skin irritation due to the blue indigo masks.
– Doing a sensitivity test on the skin before the mask is important for skin health.
– The use of blue indigo no more than twice a week to avoid affecting the skin and the appearance of infections on the face.

Benefits of blue indigo for hair
– Getting rid of dandruff.
– Resist the appearance of premature graying by dyeing the hair naturally brown or blackish.
– Promote hair health and treat hair loss, due to the benefits of blue indigo in strengthening hair from the roots, which helps it grow better and faster and reduce its fall.
– Giving luster and vitality to the hair and reducing its dehydration.

Benefits of blue indigo for teeth
– The use of blue indigo extract helps in whitening and polishing teeth.
– Helps to get rid of yellowing caused by drinking coffee and tea and getting rid of the effects of smoking on the teeth.
– Reducing tooth decay and killing germs that cause it.
– Promote gum health and treat dental bleeding that occurs due to oral infections.
– The powder is added to the toothbrush and the teeth are gently massaged for several minutes, then the teeth are washed well with the paste and can be used twice a week when brushing the teeth to reach the desired result.
– Thus, we have mentioned the benefits of blue indigo for the skin and teeth, as we mentioned its uses in different masks, with the need to ensure that there is no allergy so that it does not result in any damage or side effects.